Delivery from West Elm and CB2 outlets

Every Thursday or Friday we go to these outlets and post photos of the best deals on our Instagram stories. If you see something you really like, you just reach out to us to book the item and we deliver it to you. There are no any markups, we only charge for our delivery service. Just follow these simple steps and get the upscale furniture with up to 75% discount.

How it works

Follow us on Instagram and check our story

DM us if you see something you want to order

Make a payment upon the delivery

They responded to all my emails immediately and were very responsive throughout the whole process. I ordered ALL my furniture for my studio apartment and their crew delivered it on my 4th floor walk-up and set it up impeccably. It looks amazing! The whole process was seamless and stress-free thanks to them – would definitely recommend and use them again!!!

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Everybody loves West Elm and CB2, but nobody loves to spend tons of money on these brands. And let’s be honest, these two can really hurt your budget. Well, iFurntiureAssembly knows how to furnish your apartment with stylish furniture pieces from these companies without breaking the bank. Do you know where West Elm and CB2 outlets are located? We bet most of you didn’t even know that those existed. Well, now you know, but it’s still too soon to be excited. The West Elm and CB2 outlets are located in Riverhead, NY and Cranbury, NJ, respectively. Pretty far to go there by your own, huh? But we found a perfect solution for you! Yup, now it’s time to be excited! iFurnitureAssembly will deliver anything you need from these outlets to you same or next week. And moreover, for those who really like something from our Instagram story and don’t want to miss a chance to buy it for the future, we have a storage where we can store it for you until you need it. Isn’t it a great opportunity to save money while getting exactly what you need for your home? 😉

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Delivery cost

Order size
Ground-level Door
Service entrance delivery or building front door delivery only
Inside Room
Delivery inside the apartment
1 smaller item
1 medium item
1 larger item
Every additional item
+ 25*
* The price may vary depending on the distance
Please note that the outlets' policy doesn't allow any returns

Used these guys twice. Amazing service and super easy to coordinate with. Will recommend to everyone.

Do you deliver from the West Elm outlet only to NYC?

We deliver to NYC and some parts of NJ.

Do you have a showroom in NYC?

Yes, we do have it. 201 Richards street, Brooklyn NY 11231

How does the payment for delivery from the outlets works?

There is a deposit in the amount of the delivery fee that is paid prior the delivery. And the amount of your order’s cost is paid upon the delivery.

How to save money on West Elm furniture

Get brand new West Elm furniture with up to 75% discount from the outlet
Don't think that there are only floor samples in the furniture outlets. You can find brand new furniture with up to 75% discount as well. If you, like us, are in love with West Elm furniture, but don't want to spend a fortune on it, go to the outlet! Or hire iFurnitureAssembly for the delivery. Either way you'll save a lot of money and get to furnish your apartment with gorgeous West Elm furniture. We save thousands of dollars for our customers every week, and we intend to keep doing that ;)
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Buy new collections on the West Elm website with 40% discount
You probably noticed that West Elm does promotions every month or every 3 months and gives its customers 30% off on all furniture from the website including new collections. Well, it's all great, but there is one condition - you have to buy their furniture for $3000 and up. And what if you don't need to spend $3000 on furniture, and want to buy only one item that costs $1000? There is a way to still get that 30% off if you work with iFurnitureAssembly! But this is not it, working with us you will get the additional 10% off! Yup.. you heard it right, 40% off on new West Elm collections! You can let us know what furniture you need to get from West Elm and we will merge you in one group with our other customers who are in the same situation as you are, and when there is more than $3000 in total, all the customers from the group will get 30% off their furniture cost! Stay tuned to our Instagram posts and we'll announce when West Elm runs their promotion again :)
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