IKEA Office Design in NYC

Comfortable office atmosphere means a lot. It can impact your mood as well as your own productivity. In fact, dirty and dreary office setting with unfriendly workers will never improve your work environment. Instead, employees will be tired, stressed, nervous, irritated, exhausted and unmotivated. They won’t feel confident to speak up, what may lead to more serious problems within your working staff.

That’s why a good employer should think about his team and the office atmosphere.  Creating a productive work environment is necessary to the overall success of your company. That’s why the first thing you need to do is to think about the office lightning and attractive atmosphere. One interesting fact says that people who label their working furniture as “bad” work three times less productive, considering their working place depressive and dull. Nobody wants to waste time, seating on the uncomfortable office chair and suffering from periodical back pain. So what should be done to improve your office productivity?

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Firstly, you need to think about 3 important issues:

  • Workers’ comfort

Give your workers a chance to choose to work where they are comfortable. Let them place their office chairs and desks where they want. Comfortable working space may incredibly raise your workers’ mood and motivation. Moreover, it will give them freedom, as everyone will be able to customize their working area

  • Time for recharge

Let your team decide where to relax. If they need a recharge, don’t forbid them to do it. A few minutes of break may increase the working process too.

  • Plants

It is not something new, that green color has the effect of freshness and cheerfulness. So, let your workers decorate their working place with flowers.

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Office Design

Would you like to waste time in an uncomfortable office? Exactly «waste», because there is no progress in such an office. A good office should be made in bright colors and modern style. In addition to this, office needs lots of things and details to encourage your employees and motivate them to do their work perfectly.

If you want to choose comfortable and budget office furniture, you need to pay attention to IKEA office furniture. This company offers a wide selection of office furniture. Here you can find everything from a storage box and media organizer to a large boss desk. Moreover, you can easily browse combinations of storage, office chairs, lighting, desks and more. There are lots of various IKEA office ideas.

IKEA offers you to tear down the walls which make the working process worse. Of course, the modern offices do not look like they used to, but it does not mean that they are bad. Why do we have to divide working, meeting and communicating with 3 separate groups? Nowadays, it is used to combine all these three aspects into one. Following this advice, you’ll improve your workers’ interrelationship. Moreover, replacing wired technology into the wireless one will make your life significantly easier.

There are two main styles of office design: ordinary office design and home office design.

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Ordinary Office Design

In comparison with home office design, this one is more restrained style. The IKEA Company proposes you a great list of important pieces of furniture that is an integral part of every office.

Ordinary office design is a great choice for a serious and large-scale company, which intends to work only in the standard office routine.

The office design includes such points as:

  • Main Items

This point is very clear. Things like desks, chairs, tables, waste items, work lamps, paper and media organizers, different bookcases, spotlights, lampshades, fixtures, computer desks, ordinary lights, cabinets, cable management, accessories and more. There is a great assortment of these items in a restrained manner.

  • Piece of Motivation

It may be a piece of art or some quotes which will inspire your workers. Hang it in a conspicuous place. This one has to make your employees display an insatiable curiosity about promotion.

Home Office Design

Home Office Design

This one is the most comfortable types of the office design. IKEA office design has become very impressive and enjoyable. Home office design offers a great chance to organize your work in a very cozy way.

This kind includes such points as:

  • Basics

It is about the pieces of furniture that make you feel calm and self-confident at your workplace. Home office style may have some cozy sofas and leather chairs, coffee tables, desks, shoe storage system or wardrobes and different kinds of lights.

  • Home Magic

This one means that everything in the room has to be in harmony. It is about the delicacy of tones which should include partially colored, restful, subtle coloring. The most predominant color is white. Usually, this one is felt by employees in the right way. They do not feel oppressive or stressful. As most people say, working in the room with such a color is a rare treat. This colors and lots of others are offered to you by IKEA. You may choose furniture of any color in the list. Also, there is a lovely consultant in every IKEA shop, who will be glad to help you in your choice.

  • Flower Effect

Home office style is nothing without flowers and other small but very important details. Despite the fact that flowers fade out, the freshly blooms will bring life to your daily routine. But you should keep in mind that artificial flowers do not have the same effect. A bouquet of daisies is a perfect choice to decorate your desk.

If you are interested in creating something unusual you should pay attention to IKEA dual office design. This office design saves plenty of space as you don’t need two separate rooms. You can combine two working areas and create a unique office space.


The workplace is a very important factor for a good working process.  IKEA Company will help you to make it perfect. If you feel some difficulties during furniture installation, you may ask iFurniture Assembly to help you with it. Our experienced consultants are glad to be useful for you at any time. Our company is able to provide you with any IKEA office design services your workplace requires. Remember: a good atmosphere means a successful workflow. So, do not regret money and make a perfect office design!

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