IKEA Kitchen Installation IN NYC

IKEA Kitchen Installation Services

Lots of people face difficulties when the point in question is kitchen installation. It is considered that kitchen is the most complicated room in the house.

Kitchen requires lots of detail-oriented work, which in turn may lead to stress if you do not follow all the tips tapped in the instruction. Even one of the easiest tasks as lining cabinet doors may lead to headaches as well as may take all your day.

Those complications will not lead to something great. Instead, you’ll spend a lot of time and nerves on it.

ikea kitchen installers nyc

What Will You Get With iFurniture Assembly?

We offer great installation services in order to save your time and let you busy yourself with more important things. Our team consists of experienced professionals who run the show in fine fashion. Especially it concerns to the thicker jobs, like setting IKEA appliances, installing kitchen cabinets and drawers, setting decorative items and more.

Professional kitchen installation service is a great and wise decision to avoid difficulties and get a smooth and worry-free installation experience. Hiring professional assistance is an extremely important decision when it comes to the trickier points, like kitchen sink installation, wall panel installation, connecting or installing the built-in lighting, countertops installation and the other kitchen units.

ikea kitchen installation nyc

iFurniture Assembly offers the best services on planning and installing IKEA kitchen furniture. We are one of the best assembly companies in NYC, which offers measurement and installation services for IKEA kitchens’ owners.  We are proud to have a really great team of professionals. That’s why we strongly recommend you to take advantage of our great, smooth and inexpensive planning services to experience only positive emotions. We’ll take into consideration as well as measure all the important details as wall height, room size, water lines, windows and doors dimensions.

Depending on what type of services you need or what kind of help you want, our team of experienced installers can offer you several services for IKEA kitchen installation. They’ll not only save your valuable time but also help you in many other issues, as will let you enjoy your new and fresh kitchen interior.

ikea kitchen installation service

iFurniture Assembly Offers:

  • IKEA kitchen assembly service;
  • Kitchen sinks installing;
  • Kitchen electrical services;
  • Disassembly and installation of IKEA items in place;
  • Wall furniture assembly;
  • Installing of the decorative elements;
  • Installing, reducing and adjusting the length of IKEA countertops;
  • Installing of bars;
  • Installing and setting the IKEA faucets to the plumbing;
  • Installing of different kitchen units;
  • Vacuum cleaning the working place after the finished work

ikea kitchen assembly nyc

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Services?

  • No stress or nerves;
  • The fast and comfortable solution for your kitchen assembly;
  • Great support and care to make everyone contented and happy;
  • Experienced professionals who have a good knowledge of their business;
  • Only high-quality standards to ensure successful and easy kitchen installation;
  • 1-year warranty on all the types of installation work

ikea kitchen assembly service


If you are planning the remodeling job for your kitchen the first thing you need to do is to send us your IKEA plan. We’ll review this plan and send you our quote. Our experienced installers have a great experience with hundreds of kitchens assembled and installed. If you choose us as your IKEA kitchen installation company, you’ll also choose a worry-free, smooth and well-managed experience. It does not matter how complicated the job will be. We’ll cope with any task easily. We’ll take care of everything from start to finish. Whether your IKEA kitchen plan is small or large, our team will handle it without any problem.


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