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About Us

There is an assumption that the era of furniture called cabinet fell into oblivion and its popularity of this piece of cabinetry is fading away. Although many people tend to store their belongings in large wardrobes, cabinets are not going to lose ground.
To the advantage of the cabinet use, we should admit the multi-functionality of this furniture type. Small dimensions allow placing it in almost any room of your house, apartment or office. IKEA being the world famous furniture manufacturer is aware of all relevant benefits and regularly expands the assortment of this merchandise.

What is a cabinet installation?

Users buying the mentioned merchandise should be prepared to face a challenge represented by IKEA cabinet installation. Some products may require a wall-mounted location along with the necessity to assemble a unit out of details. Therefore, it will be necessary to take the trouble at the assembly-and-installation guide to avoid any possible misfortunes. Good for you if you can boast of a woodworking or carpenter experience since the task is rather tortuous.

How to install by yourself?

The DIY scenario foresees to begin your challenge with learning the cabinet installation instructions. It is also recommended to arm with electric tools (drills and cordless screwdriver) and miscellaneous auxiliary instruments like hexagonal wrenches and measuring tape in advance. You may also watch some tutorial videos or rely on own workmanship. At the same time, an IKEA cabinet installation service can relieve you of anxiety to make anything wrong or even damage the item.

How does it work?

Save you time and forget about phone calls or personal visits to various relevant services. It is enough to submit your request to our email specifying the desired date for installing IKEA cabinets. Thirty minutes later, you receive our response with the price quote. If you like it, we will be at the mentioned time with all necessary tools and skills for operation.

Why choose us?

In the quest of cabinet installation NYC, customers pay attention to price and time expenses for rendered services. Our company has respect for both these factors and strives to achieve a fruitful cooperation between a customer and a servicing company. We can even make a purchase of a merchandise selected by a customer and get it delivered and installed to the specified location.

Installation prices

Some people distrust company’s cabinet installation pricing policy. We, in turn, aim to reassure clientage that our undertakings are absolutely transparent. Therefore, IKEA cabinet installation cost is flat and specified on the website to talk customers through expected charges. It should be noted that our scope of activities is be applied towards products of the mentioned Swedish corporation. However, we are glad to consider requests on other furniture brands.

Required installation time

While it is practical to submit the accurate calculation of the cost of cabinet installation, timing is a more flexible variable. Nevertheless, performance and high-speed operation are the major benefits of our company. Our reliability is evidenced by the 90-days warranty on all accomplished works.

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