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It is a well-known fact that furniture should serve to a comfort of everyone. It should not raise any inconveniences in your everyday life. Instead, coming back home and seating on a comfortable sofa you need to feel relaxation, comfort, and pleasure. You can easily judge it for yourself if you take into consideration a high-quality bed. Beds are designed to improve your sleep, wardrobes are used to store various utensils, drawers are for storing clothes or the other belongings, sofas are necessary for relaxation after a hard and intensive day, for watching TV, reading a book or simply speaking with friends.

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IKEA furniture is a prominent and well-known brand which is a budget option available to everyone. It is one of the best solutions if you want to buy contemporary and reliable furniture.

ikea furniture assembly help

Professional Assistance or DIY

If you decide to buy IKEA furniture you may be sure it is easy to assemble especially if DIY is the best option for you. But for some people installation is one thing which seems to be a challenge and undesirable headache. So, if you value your time and prefer professional assistance, iFurniture Assembly is ready to help. Our professionals will deal with this task easily and more effectively than the others. Having a great experience in IKEA furniture assembly, we can do our job blindly. You may be sure of our reliability because the range of iFurniture assembly services is high, what proves positive testimonials from our customers.  Our experienced technicians do their best to prove the successful and operative organization of their work.

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IKEA Furniture Assembly Help

If you are looking for additional answers, or if you would like to solve a problem, or want to know more about our assembly services, you can easily contact us right here. We are always ready to help our customers with resolving difficult and complicated issues, concerning IKEA furniture assembly. We’ll be happy to make you comfortable, getting you back to the more important things, like relaxing on your new the sofa and watching TV on it.

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Why iFurniture Assembly?

In the iFurniture Assembly, IKEA assembly service includes a free 90 days warranty. The price of our IKEA furniture assembly service depends on the complexity of the IKEA items. Do not worry if you’ve bought a non-IKEA item. Our experienced technicians will easily cope with this task. We offer fast, easy and reliable IKEA assembly help everyone who needs it.

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Installation Prices

The price of IKEA assembly service depends on the complexity of items. We’ve mentioned above that we give precedence to IKEA furniture, but it does not mean that our possibilities are limited. We are professionals, what proves our erudition in the wide sphere what concerns furniture elements and pieces. That’s why non-IKEA furniture may be also considered.

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How To Call IKEA Assembly Help?

If you want to avoid headaches and stress during your new furniture assembly process, give us a call and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. There are some steps to call for IKEA assembly help, as follows:

  • Email us, providing all the necessary information which concerns the date and time of your IKEA furniture assembly
  • Get a quote from us in 30 min
  • If you accept our quote, we’ll send you the date and time for your IKEA furniture installation
  • Wait for our technicians who’ll make your home more comfortable and cozy

ikea assembly nyc

iFurniture Assembly Phone Number

To contact iFurniture assembly you should send an email on info@ifurnitureassembly.com  or give us a call. Tel 917.825.1174

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