Emotional Stages Of IKEA Furniture Assembly

Everyone knows that IKEA furniture is one of the best choices for its price and quality. If you’ve ever wondered through the IKEA showroom, you would definitely agree that it one of the most beautiful places in the world. IKEA represents a great choice of furniture to fit individual needs of everyone. So, what should you expect if you decide to buy and assemble IKEA furniture by yourself? What emotional stages will you go through? This “Emotional Stages of IKEA Furniture Assembly” will answer all the questions mentioned above. So, let’s start.

  • Confusion

If you really think that getting rid of the box jungle will help you to make the IKEA furniture assembly easier, you are wrong. In fact, it will make everything worse. Taking everything out of the cardboards may shock you as well as make your tired. You’ll ask yourself thousand of questions why you need to deal with so many various pieces of cardboard and what the place is for each of them. Start your furniture assembly with a systematic, well-thought work. Do not hurry up because it may lead to the waste difficulties as well as an undesirable headache.

Frustrated Woman Putting Together Self Assembly Furniture

  • Shock

Pull yourself together, keep calm and try to be patient. IKEA has a lot of details for each piece to build steady and reliable furniture. That’s why you should not surprise when you open a little box and see thousands of nails and screws in it.

  • Fatigue

If you’ve ever faced with IKEA furniture assembly or helped your neighbor with it, you definitely know how its instruction is long. Of course, they do it for better trying to explain IKEA furniture assembly in the easiest, simplified and the most detailed way. You need to find the fresh power to continue reading IKEA’s long guideline.

  • Anger and Irritation

One of the emotional stages in the way of IKEA furniture assembly will be anger. It is difficult to deal with furniture assembly if you decide to do it alone. So, stop worrying and do the next: line up all the nails, screws and the other details in a row, according to their size. It will save your time as well as will help you to find necessary detail during the furniture assembly process.

  • Impatience

Reading the Swedish instruction of IKEA furniture assembly you can experience 2 kinds of possible problems. The first one is the Swedish language (if you difficultly cope with it) and the next one –is long instruction. To sum up, you’ll feel yourself exhausted, nervous and confused. Multiple steps and pages of frustrating furniture assembly guide may easily make you feel impatient. You see that there are 5 holes left and only one nail for it. You’ll finish joining the things together not by following some manual, but by sticking things where it feels right.

  • Desire to Improvise

You can assume that every box of IKEA furniture requires special approach as well as a tool which you do not have. Seating at home with a heap of pieces and various furniture details you’ll decide to improvise with furniture assembly, by stinting yourself of a variety of tools. Of course, you’ll be able to join all the furniture pieces together, but what is the chance it will serve you for ages?

Final Thoughts

In fact, furniture assembly is not as hard as it seems for the first time. All you need to do is to start from the right point. iFurniture Assembly has been working with IKEA furniture assembly for years. We know what should be done in order to provide our customers with a reliable and steady assembly of IKEA furniture. Experience – is our main key to success. And remember: everything starts small and then becomes bigger. Nothing is easy. Just believe in yourself and bend your steps to your goal.

Emotional Stages of Ikea Furniture Assembly

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