Designed Ikea kitchen cabinet doors

Get your exclusive Ikea kitchen with Seminhandmade custom kitchen cabinet doors

It’s been almost 2 years since we started working with Semihandmade and it’s hard to describe how much we enjoy this partnership. Semihandmade is truly a professional of its business. They’ve been doing their service for more than 6 years and already became a guarantor of quality for their customers. Their kitchen cabinet doors are the best for Ikea kitchens.

You can make your Ikea kitchen look fancy and exclusive by choosing from the huge variety of different material samples for your kitchen cabinet doors. Not to mention the fact that you also get to choose from the new Semihandmade print collection which represents a collaboration between Semihandmade and amazing artists, studios, and estates from around the world. Just look how amazing this print collection is. We are positively sure that when you get one of these pieces of art installed in your apartment you are not going to want to leave it! 🙂

Not only Ikea kitchen cabinet doors

Semihandmade specializes not only in Ikea kitchen cabinet doors; they also do Ikea Godmorgon bathroom series doors, Ikea closet doors (PAX systems), Ikea bookcase doors, wine cabinets, etc. Just imagine how different your apartment can look with their products. There are also a lot of designers working with Semihandmade (please note that they are not employees of Semihandmade) who will be happy to help you make your apartment a masterpiece.

Our partnership with Semihandmade

We are proud to be a partner of this fast-growing company. And we are happy that we are on the same page with them. We don’t want our customers to overpay for custom kitchen, when they can easily get a unique kitchen just using designed kitchen cabinet doors from Semihandmade for regular Ikea kitchen cabinets. All you need is to choose your Ikea kitchen, order your Ikea kitchen cabinet doors from Semihandmade and arrange the installation with us. It’s never been easier!

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