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23 February, 2018

Imagine you are going to buy new furniture. What is the most important for you? Is it luxurious design or steady construction of our furniture?

Every one of us wants our home to be a safe and comfortable place to live in. But every home has little, but potential risks. If your furniture is incorrectly installed, you chance consequences to face undesirable problems.

One of the best ways to prevent furniture tip-over accidents is to securely anchor the furniture to the wall.

General rules:

    • Furniture should be successfully installed on the wall.
    • Never place hard products on the shelves, chests or/and drawers which are not designed for it (they may fall down). Instead, place the heavy objects (microwave oven or TV) in the lowest drawers.
    • Forbid the kids to climb on drawers, chests, doors, etc.
    • You should be highly attentive and read the furniture item instruction. If there is written that fixing devices are not included, it does not mean that you should not fix your furniture. Each kind of furniture has its own requirements as well as a kind of necessary anchor and additional tools.
    • Read attentively the furniture item instruction and do not ignore its requirements, warnings, and
  • Do not let your kids grab something that is placed on the top of the furniture.

IKEA has a number of various anchors, which are designed for different purposes.

Bookcase Wall Anchor

If you like to fall asleep over a book, buying a bookcase may be a great solution. IKEA has a great choice of bookcases. If you buy a wall mounted bookcase, you should think about bookcase wall anchors as well. They are very important and necessary to support your shelf.


Take into consideration the size of the bookshelf before placing your books on it. Don’t overload the shelf.

ikea billy bookcase assembly in nyc

Dresser Wall Anchor

Closing chests or dressers should also be secured with the anchors, to avoid your furniture reverse.

Malm Wall Anchor

What can happen if you’ve bought a new Malm chest but did not follow the instruction? IKEA suggests special Malm wall anchors, offering proper support to your furniture.

ikea malm dresser assembly

Kallax Wall Anchor

Mounting IKEA Kallax on the wall is not an easy process. You should remember about the anchors and the instruction to help you with your furniture installation.

ikea kallax shelf unit assembly

Bookshelf Wall Anchor

IKEA recommends paying attention to bookshelves, especially if you have a small child who likes to hang on shelves, doors, etc. In order to protect your kid from accidents, use bookshelf wall anchors to secure your bookshelf.

Remember, that if the furniture is not securely installed on the wall, it may tip over and cause undesirable damage. Each kind of furniture has its own requirement as well as the necessary tools to secure it to the wall.

In fact, there are a lot of steps and rules how to install furniture. If you want to be sure that everything will take its place, calling iFurniture Assembly will be a great decision. We are always ready to assist you with furniture installation as well as to help you with choosing a proper anchor for it. Our experienced professionals know how to install reliably, safely and successfully your furniture. We have been working with IKEA furniture for several years. That’s why we are well-acquainted with all the key elements which are important for IKEA furniture installation.


If you decide to buy new furniture, do not forget about the details. You should know that the smallest detail may define the term your furniture will work (as well as its safety and durability). iFuniture Assembly is always ready to help you with all the potential problems you may face during the furniture installation.

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