Assembly by Hour is a Bad Idea!

1 January, 2016

Though everyone deals with the stress of furniture assembly at some point in their lives, no one has gotten used to the tumultuous circumstance. The act of actually picking out and purchasing a piece of furniture for the home is difficult enough already, but the pain and anguish associated with the legitimate assembly process is dreadful. That is why the market of furniture assembly has taken off.

People from all over the globe have decided that they would much rather pay someone else to construct their furniture for them. This not only saves them time but it also enables them to rest easy knowing that the person who put the furniture together is much more adept than they ever could hope to be.

The process itself is probably overdramatized, but the fact remains: people want to pay others to assemble their Ikea or Wayfair beds, closets, dressers, and other home décor. The market has developed in response to that, and two types of businesses have emerged. One enables the person to pay per piece of furniture, which has its benefits and drawbacks, and the other, also with its own set of perks and dilemmas, gives clients the option of paying per hour. In order to determine which option is better, it is important to understand the implications of both.


Regardless of the type of furniture you are trying to mold into the project that is your home, it can be incredibly useful to pay for assembly based on the furnishing in question. Whether you have bought a new bedframe or a huge wardrobe, you can rest assured that the piece will be put together properly and without fault. Because the workers are employed based on the pieces themselves, you can trust that the job will be done correctly in a positive timeframe. The workers have the freedom to spend a healthy amount of time on the furniture assembly, without it costing you any additional money. They can charge you for their expertise and service, not their time.

That means that the quality of the work has the opportunity to be beyond excellent, which is exactly what you want out of your furniture. Because Ikea and Wayfair premade designs have a tendency to break or fall apart when they are not properly put together, it can be imperative for you to get the best work possible for the job.

You can also feel like they are doing their best in terms of time management, because you know that they must perform in a scheduled environment in order to maintain their daily living. This means that the benefits of paying per piece for assembling furniture is a much more effective and cost efficient method of furnishing your home. With the drawbacks being that the upfront price is higher and the benefits exceeding the boundaries for one single sentence to contain, it is clear that the option of paying per piece is the best way to get your furniture assembled properly without wasting time or money.

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There are several foreseeable issues that come along with paying by the hour when it comes to assembling furniture. Instead of doing a quality, time-efficient job, the technicians have ample opportunity to swindle you out of your money and waste your time. When you purchase a new headboard or footboard for your beds, you do not foresee the assembly of these objects as being a time consuming task that takes days to accomplish. It would be ludicrous to think that the assembly would take more than an hour, at the most.

Unfortunately, with pay per hour furniture assembly options, you have already consented to letting the technician determine just how long the process should take. Even if you pick a company that is known for its speedy delivery of assembled products, it is much more likely that they will have poorly put together whatever piece of furniture you gave them.

With Wayfair and Ikea, it is incredibly important to do a good job with the assembly in order to make the furniture last. Instead, you might have saved yourself a pretty penny at this point in time, but you have managed to rob your future self of quality home furnishings. If the furniture is not properly put together, or has been hastily tossed together in a ridiculous attempt at saving money, then it will feasibly break and necessitate being replaced. The entire process will have to be begun again, when you could have simply avoided all of it by selecting a company whose work is dependable.

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There are far too many dilemmas associated with pay per hour furniture assembly options, and you deserve better. Instead of dealing with the traumatizing circumstance of having your bedframe collapse beneath you in the middle of the night because you chose subpar service, pick the option that enables you to both save money and feel secure. Clients are often taken advantage of by pay per hour companies, who will either attempt to squeeze every last drop of finances out of a person or skimp on the construction of the products. Neither option seems appealing for anyone. The benefit of potentially saving a few dollars up front or getting your furniture assembled slightly faster than otherwise does not seem to outweigh the damage that could be done.

It is evident that, when despairing over the challenge of constructing furniture from Ikea or décor from Wayfair, you should not make hasty decisions about the furniture’s future. Instead of jumping into whatever deal you think is best, it is imperative that you weigh your options and consider the implications. Though something may sound like a great offer, it often will leave you in a worse condition than when you started. When it comes to comparing the differences in pay per hour and pay per piece companies, you have to do your research.

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