Task Rabbit vs Handy Service vs iFurniture Assembly LLC

25 May, 2018

What would you choose between Task Rabbit vs. Handy Service vs. iFurniture Assembly LLC?

Once you’ve purchased your Ikea Furniture the next logical question popping up will be definitely furniture-assembly related. There is a handful of those attempting to dive into the assembly on their own, yet the vast majority prefer delegating this task to the professional, and the latter is rather a smart choice one should note. In terms of options, there is, fortunately, a wide selection of assembly companies in the market at your disposal. It all merely comes down to your preferences. Would you rather opt for a large corporation or small business to take care of it? Does hourly rate or fixed price make any difference to you? Task Rabbit, Handy Service and iFurniture Assembly alike are leading assembly companies customers have a pleasure to deal with, yet which one fits your needs best? So are you still in two minds? The article below is certain to break it down to you!

What do Task Rabbit and Handy Service have in common?

Task Rabbit and Handy Service are indeed huge corporations holding long-term positions in the market so that would be rather relevant to put these two mentioned above companies next to each other, and there are a number of reasons behind. So to start with, the working principle of both is quite the same managed in a smart and convenient way. You describe the task to be accomplished with all the details, select a qualified professional you like best and choose the most convenient date and time for you.

As regards to the service fees, Task Rabbit charges on an hourly basis and the assembly service starts only at an hour. Hence, it doesn’t exactly fit those on a budget as a simple table assembly may take over two hours. However, as referred to the Ikea assembly, they do offer fixed prices on the Task Rabbit app for customer’s convenience. Thus, the Task Rabbit pricing structure depends on the furniture manufacturer. The payment is realized via the app, thus the possibility to pay in cash is not available.

As to Handy, two hours is a minimum allowed for assembly service. Accordingly, any assembly work as, for instance, simply hanging up the curtains taking less than an hour or two should be subsequently done with your own hands. Besides, a set hourly rate relatively ensures some kind of a hassle having you always check on the time. With regard to the payment method, you can pay only by using a credit card.

Moreover, considering the high-trade volume and immense customer flow of Task Rabbit and Handy you should take into account the following point. When you hire a worker from any above company that happens to be inexperienced there may be no way to have them back to fix the issue. Thus, you should consider this potential risk before your collaboration.

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Why Should iFurniture Assembly be Singled Out?

Unlike Task Rabbit and Handy service, iFurniture Assembly is a small business caring about each client and placing greater emphasis on quality rather than on quantity. Well, getting in touch with Kostiantyn is not a bit of a problem, as the work is built on a transparent system, hence the client is always aware of who is responsible for the service quality.  So if any issues do appear, you are certain to have them fixed in a short period of time.

No matter whether you need to get a super-complicated task done or merely have your TV mounted you will certainly get assistance from a qualified pro as this company is even willing to get down to a short-term task just to help out the customer.

As far as service fee is concerned, iFurniture Assembly works on a fixed-price basis that mostly tends to be an excellent alternative. The fixed prices are shaped by the total value of furniture, its size and complexity and an estimated time. Thus, iFurniture Assembly offering a fixed price provides hassle-free services preventing you from continuous checking on the assembler immersed in the work. Besides, there are effective ways to minimize your expenses with iFurniture Assembly. So, preparing for the assembly in advance, namely, making a space, compiling the product names and numbers or buying less complex furniture may help you reduce service costs. As to the way of payment, you are free to choose the most convenient one as both credit card and cash are available.

Furthermore, one of the major benefits using iFurniture Assembly is a given 30-day warranty. And the best part is that in case of any issues showing up you are free to get in contact with them and have your problem fixed. In other words, if your table, for example, happens to wobble afterward iFurniture Assembly professional will come back and you will get it redone. Its qualified assemblers may even fix issues with other items built incorrectly.

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Weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision

In summary, Task Rabbit, Handy Service, and iFurniture Assembly alike are fairly great companies deserving to take top positions in the market. As going over the information above you must have better realized the prospects for future collaboration with each of them. First of all, you have to figure out whom you would rather trust: a large corporation providing no personalized customer service because of a high trade volume or a small business considerate of all your needs giving the opportunity to easily reach out to the head directly? Secondly, would you prefer a set hourly rate usually having you pay more or a fixed price so you know beforehand what to count on? Thirdly, would you like to feel free to contact a pro if there was an issue? Now armed with the comparison information above you can define your priorities and make the right choice!

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