Same Day Furniture Delivery

9 January, 2018

People can have a decent budget but be time-constrained. For this reason, spending few days for furnishing an office or apartment seems like a train wreck. That is the major flaw of the IKEA delivery. Your place will be filled with boxes and the required assembly procedure can last for several days or weeks. So, what is the option?


It is a common practice for IKEA consumers to opt for a specialized company dealing with furniture assembly. One may ask why it is necessary since most of the items marketed under the mentioned Swedish brand are designed as easy-to-assemble units. However, the situation is a bit different in practice. Installation of even a small cabinet requires a certain set of tools, as well as skills to operate them. Not all customers welcome such DIY approach.

At the same time, there is a great alternative represented by designated services. As a rule, you can order a full pack of options including delivery and assembly. The more advanced companies can add the purchase option to completely release a customer from any care. Here is how it looks like:

    • A customer needs to send the shopping list to the chosen company. It is easy to make it on the IKEA official website. As soon as all the desired furniture is chosen, submit it and wait for a quote.
    • In general, a half an hour is enough to introduce the quote to the customer. If you agree with the calculation, pick the delivery date.
    • After that, the company will shop, deliver and assemble your shopping list on the agreed date. It should be mentioned that certain pieces of furniture require significant time expenses. So, do not hesitate to ask how long it will take altogether.
  • The payment will be done after the work is completed and you are satisfied in full.


If you do not want to be surprised with costs, make sure to monitor the market in advance and have an idea of service rates. Delivery rates usually depend on weight and dimensions of items. However, certain companies like iFurnitureAssembly calculate the delivery fee in accordance with the shopping list value. For example, if your set of chosen furniture costs from $500 to $1000, the delivery will cost $149. The lowest rate is $99 for the less than $500 order.


We handled the delivery cost. It is time for the most interesting part. You will hardly find exact numbers for that piece of service because it is calculated in accordance with the complexity of selected IKEA furniture. And, as you know, the assortment of this brand is enormous. Besides, such additional features like wall mount also influence the rate. Hence, feel free to request the quote and see the possible rate for installation services. It should be also mentioned that most assembly companies provide a guarantee for rendered services. In view of the aforesaid, opting for the IKEA same day delivery seems a decent option.

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