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21 August, 2019

Bekant desk assembly

IKEA Bekant series is probably the most popular office furniture in the world. Seriously, there is almost no a single bad thing about it; it’s practical, it suits to any office interior, it has office furniture in different colors, and moreover it has pretty much everything you need for your office! Not to mention how affordable and sturdy it is. We’ve been in this business for over 4 years already, and let us tell you, a lot of offices in NYC choose Bekant series. They love it for its practicality and clean lines. And we are not going to lie to you; we love how the Bekant series furniture looks in an office space!

IKEA Bekant office desk

Office sit/stand desk assembly

The best thing about IKEA Bekant office series is that it has a variety of sit/stand desks. You can find a sit/stand desk in any color and in any size. Sit/stand desk is a great option for you if you don’t like to sit on your chair all day long but still have a lot of things to do on your computer. You can get a sit/stand desk that is adjusted manually or electrically. The only downside of these desks is that if you never assembled something like that, it may be not that easy for you. You will have to deal with cords if it’s electric, and with the adjusting mechanism if it’s manual. Luckily, there are a lot of companies in NYC providing furniture assembly service. And guess what, iFurnitureAssembly is one of them! 🙂

We can’t even count how many times we put together IKEA Bekant series for our customers. It happened so many times that our experienced furniture handymen could probably do it with their eyes closed. So, if you decided to get your Ikea Bekant sit/stand desk, do not hesitate and contact us!

Ikea office chair assembly

As soon as you made up your mind on your office desk, it’s time to think about your office chair. You should give it a long time as you are going to spend on this chair at least 8 hours a day! Of course, sitting all day in any chair would tire you out by the end of the day. But you can at least try to find something that would make it less wearying. IKEA website is a great source to look at when you are in need of an office chair. You can find cheaper office chairs as well as more expensive ones. The more expensive chairs are usually the comfiest as they are designed specifically for supporting your back. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on office chair. At IKEA you can find a pretty decent, comfortable office chairs for only $199 such as IKEA Markus office chair. IKEA office chair assembly is not a rocket science and anyone could easily put it together, but if you don’t want to waste your time and just don’t want to worry about the office chair assembly, you can hire IKEA office furniture professionals such as iFurnitureAssembly. We will be happy to help you with any of your IKEA orders!

IKEA MARKUS office chair
IKEA HATTEFJÄLL office chair

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