Office furniture assembly in NYC

9 January, 2018

You’re renting an office for your new company, or moving from your old office to a new one, or just want to refurnish your office to make it look fresh; either way you are going to need new furniture for your office. And that’s where IKEA again happens to be of service. IKEA office furniture is the most popular choices for NYC offices. It is distinguished by its durability, practicality and style, and what is the most important – its affordability.

So, let’s say you decided on the furniture and now it’s time to think about quality office furniture assembly service. Costs of IKEA office furniture assembly services in NYC vary depending on the complexity of the IKEA office pieces you chose and the company you are going to hire for assembly.

There are so many companies providing IKEA office furniture assembly service out there.  So to protect you from the wrong choice, let’s take a closer look at all possible options for you to get your IKEA office furniture delivered and installed.

ikea office installation in nyc IKEA office assembly and installation in NYC

Bring the furniture yourself and hire someone to assemble it

This option works if you need only 1 or 2 not too big new IKEA pieces or if you decided to make a home office at your apartment. In this case, you probably would like to go to IKEA yourself to see what it has to offer. If it’s all about you, here is a very useful tip for you; after the shopping just find a taxi to take you home with your new IKEA piece(s), there are always a lot of taxi drivers right in front of any IKEA who are eager to give you a lift, and it will cost you only $20-60 depending on the distance.

So in this way, you’re saving at least $50 on the delivery. And then after bringing your new IKEA office furniture to your office or to your home, you can try to assemble it yourself and save even more money, or you can just reach out to a few assembly companies to pick the cheapest quote from the offered ones. But don’t forget to read their Google and Yelp reviews; sometimes it’s better to pay more in order to get a top-notch service. They say, “Miser pays twice”, so don’t be that miser 😉

Order your office furniture delivery and assembly from the seller

Indeed, sometimes it’s much cheaper to go with IKEA on it. But before you do so, just in case check office furniture assembly rates of some companies with alternative IKEA delivery and assembly services. It’s not always necessarily cheaper when you order these services from IKEA, so do some research. But if after weighing the pros and cons you still decided to stick with IKEA service, be ready to wait. You will definitely not get your furniture next day; usually it takes 1-2 weeks to get your delivery and then after that, you need to wait the IKEA technician to come for the assembly.

So if you’re not in a rush, maybe it’s not a bad idea to get IKEA to deliver and assemble your office furniture.

Hire office furniture assembly professionals

In this case, you get to have your IKEA office furniture delivered and assembled the next day or if we’re talking about iFurniture assembly, you can even get it done the same day. Here are some steps you need to do before you decide which company you’re going to go with:

    • monitor 2 first pages of Google search and reach out to a few companies you find more reliable;
    • read their Google and Yelp reviews, it’s very helpful in order to make up your mind;
    • wait until you get the IKEA office furniture rates from all the companies you reached to;
    • take into account their responsiveness as this is going to be an essential when you’re arranging your IKEA office furniture delivery and assembly with them;
    • also, it should be mentioned that most of the NYC office buildings require a certificate of insurance from the delivery companies. So, check with your building management if they need one and ask the delivery companies you’re reaching to if they have it. Some of the companies can charge you extra for this, thus, not to overpay check with all of them and go with the one who doesn’t;
  • now you’re ready to choose the one!

When it comes to the office furniture, it is always hard to say what brand you should be choosing. But by sticking with IKEA office furniture you are golden as you get to save your money on the cost of the furniture itself, not to mention the fact that IKEA office furniture assembly rates in NYC are always lower than any other brand’s.

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