Kitchen Island Assembly

13 April, 2018

There is no the same kitchen, but there is a slight resemblance between them. When you hear the word «kitchen» there are some things which have to come to your mind, like an extractor hood, a cook-top or a few drawers. When you decide to assemble a kitchen island without any professional assistance, you should be ready for a very complicated work, requiring lots of time, nerves of iron, and, of course, a lot of different tools and instruments (screwdriver, cordless drill, driver combo, hammer, hammer drill and more).

iFurniture Assembly is here to help and give you a piece of advice. You should know that even the smallest detail means a lot when you are going to assemble your kitchen. That’s why you need to be highly attentive and careful during the IKEA kitchen Island assembly. Making a list which includes some preparation steps (tips) will be very helpful. It gives the opportunity to keep in mind all the important things and do not forget about the main.

Create Your Kitchen Plan

The first thing you should do is to find out the free space in the room where will be your new kitchen island situated.

Take a few large sheets to record the layout of your kitchen furniture. This method of planning is very useful for everyone. This scheme helps you to calculate the exact size of all the items in your kitchen and find the best space where you have to put the furniture you have bought.

The scheme allows you to put the most important information on the paper in order keep in mind all the necessary things, details and more.

One more tip for you, you should think about the main basic things. Build the base and level corners. It is one of the easiest tasks during the whole assembly process, but the most important. Then, secure these corners to the floor. So, the first task is finished. Then, open the instruction and carefully follow each step.

Ikea kitchen island assembly is believed to be easy for everyone no matter whether you are pro or not. But experienced professionals advice to make up a pre-assembly plan, considering it to be a very convenient and helpful tool for the kitchen furniture installation.

ikea kitchen island installation

The Plan’s Realizing

When every detail is written down and all sizes are recorded, the Ikea kitchen island assembly kit may be started. And the first thing you should do is to open the instruction (if you make use of the Ikea kitchen island assembly service, you should not worry about such things). Look through the content. The instruction includes different steps you should follow. These steps will help you to reach success as fast as possible.

The master will do everything it is demanded because all the Ikea workers know the instruction by heart. If you ask a master to help, you may forget about all the worries mentioned above and just enjoy your kitchen assembly. Let the master do the work for you.

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At the end of your new furniture installation, you must take a look. You may forget about some details during installation. Make sure that your kitchen satisfies you.If you notice something, you may eliminate the drawback at once. But if everything is fine, you may start cooking immediately and forget about all the worries you felt.


The kitchen island assembly kit from Ikea is very easy and readily available for everyone. As everyone knows the Ikea furniture is famous for its great quality and reasonable prices. In addition to this, Ikea assembly service will surprise you with its affordable prices. Moreover, the furniture, made by the Ikea company, is designed for easy installation.  You may do everything on your own just following the instruction. Here are written some tips on the installation of the kitchen island which will be useful for in the future.

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