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20 July, 2017


The kitchen is the center of every home, and rightfully so. It is where family and friends often gather over food, drinks and conversation. Although many wonderful memories are made in the kitchen, it is also a place where school lunches are prepared, small appliances are stored and favorite foods are kept fresh. IKEA kitchen has the exact pieces needed to show off everyone’s style, from classic, to modern and everything in between, and the possibilities are endless.


Even the most skilled chef can improve their favorite dishes with high end appliances like IKEA’s wide range of ovens and either gas or electric cooktops, and the stainless-steel compliments the clean and professional look of a chef’s kitchen. Anyone who takes their cooking seriously knows that one can never have too much counter space. IKEA’s streamlined Ekbacken countertops with the concrete effect, cut to any length, provide the perfect preparation station for a true food aficionado. A chef’s Ikea kitchen is not complete without the proper faucet and sink to clean up the mess left behind from their latest masterpiece. IKEA’s Vimmern kitchen faucet with handspray and large Norrsjon stainless-steel sink will make easy work of numerous dishes and pans while continuing the flawless flow of a professional looking kitchen.

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The only thing not minimal about a modern, minimalist Ikea kitchen is the amount of style that can still be included while still sticking to the necessities. The clean lines of modern cabinets can be easily complimented with sleek, black Borghamn handles and Bagganas knobs. Having clean countertops is a necessity since they will rarely be covered with small appliances and numerous gadgets, and the Saljan countertops, with a white stone effect, are easy to clean and will brighten up any kitchen. While size may not be at the top of the priority list for refrigerators in a minimalist kitchen, a smooth front without any protruding handles is and the Frostig refrigerator will fit seamlessly into the sleekest of kitchens.

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A home full of children requires a fully functional kitchen to keep everything running smoothly. Being able to find what is needed and in a timely manner is quite helpful. The, storage and accessibility provided by the traditional black and oak Stenstorp kitchen island is perfect for big and little kitchen helpers alike. By adding a couple of stools, one can simply add extra seating. A full house often means a full kitchen sink, so a large and dependable dishwasher like a Betrodd built-in dishwasher is absolutely necessary for keeping the mess contained.

In this fast-paced world, having a functional kitchen is essential to keeping any home running efficiently, but that doesn’t mean it cannot reflect the tastes of the homeowner. Once you have your dream kitchen planned out, reach out to us so we can help to make you dreams a reality.

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