Installation of Billy Bookcase

8 December, 2016

ikea billy bookcase installation

Sometimes, the furniture set up that you want is not readily available with prepackaged assemble-at-home options. It can be imperative to take matters into your own hands. While this may seem like a complicated process, designing a new look for furniture that suits your needs is not a terribly laborious task. It can be much easier than anticipated, and we at iFurnitureAssembly constructed a beautiful Billy bookcase with curio cabinet doors to provide additional storages and aesthetic charm otherwise unachievable with the current store selections.  This bookcase was created by purchasing an appropriate and generic shelving unit, glass doors, some lights, and long handles. With so few items, it seems ridiculous to presume the task impossible! Specifically, we used the following:

  • BILLY Bookcase, white, with adjustable shelves from Ikea
  • OXBERG Glass Door, white, with hinges and knobs included from Ikea
  • OMLOPP Lights(LED), white, spotlight that can be turned on and off via remote control from Ikea
  • T-Bar Drawer Pull, satin brass, European style handles for drawers or cabinets

Step One: Assemble the Shelving Unit

The first thing to do in order to construct this curio-style bookcase is to purchase and put together the appropriate shelving unit. The BILLY Bookcase from Ikea is what we chose to work with, and it is very easily pieced together. The entire case is 78 and three-quarters inches across with a towering height of 93 and a quarter inches. It would be an excellent addition to any living room, dining room, kitchen, or even bedroom. Make sure that the shelving unit is anchored to the wall. It comes with fasteners specifically for this purpose, and it is not challenging to secure the unit to make sure it stays stable.

Step Two: Position the Lights

ikea billy bookcase installation

Depending on the way that you would like your lights to be set up, you will probably need to cut a hole in the back of the unit for the power source. The lights can be hooked up to a remote control, which enables the customer to turn on and off the setup at will. They should be placed in a way that lights the bookcase with ease, highlighting the contents on display. We placed them at the top of the constructed squares in order to give the case a boutique-feel.

Step Three: Attach the Doors

Without much issue, we grafted the glass doors onto the sides of the shelving unit. They meet in the middle and open outwards, just like the typical curio cabinet. The doors come with knobs and hinges, though we did not use the knobs. The glass doors fit perfectly on the bookcase, creating a stylish and fun look for any objects that need storing.

Step Four: Replace the Knobs

To stick with a unique and classy aesthetic, we decided to use European style T-bar handles instead of the basic knobs included in the glass door packaging. These lovely brassy drawer or cabinet pulls were found on Etsy, and they make wonderful handles for the glass doors. By using an alternative to the simplistic and generic option, we maintained a personal touch that can be the most important aspect of interior design. These handles were very easily attached, vertically instead of horizontally in order to amplify the streamlined design.

The construction of this bookcase was fun and easy, and it turned out better than anyone could have hoped. By utilizing a few basic tools and mixing some different parts, we created a simple, stylish bookcase with glass doors that could really bring together a room without sacrificing the need for storage space.


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