IKEA TV Bench Assembly

22 June, 2018

IKEA TV Bench Assembly

When it comes to purchasing a new TV bench, IKEA will, undoubtedly, be a great choice for any customer. You may look through the IKEA’s magazine or make a view of the official website of the IKEA Company. Furthermore, you may ask one of the company’s representatives to get a high-quality consultation. And you will easily achieve it as soon as possible. You will be offered a variety of different models until you make up your own. Then, you buy a new TV bench and deliver it to your home. But what is next? How to assemble an IKEA TV bench?


You should do everything to avoid furniture tipping over. It can lead to fatal circumstances and serious injuries. To prevent your TV bench from tipping over you need to permanently fix this piece of furniture to the wall.

You should pay attention to the type of the material you use to assemble your new TV bench. It stands to reason that different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Moreover, it is important to choose the suitable materials, which will be good not only for your new purchase but also for the walls in your home. Of course, you may turn to a local specialized dealer in order to achieve success.

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What is about the needed instruments for installing your new IKEA TV bench? Every piece of furniture requires different types of tools, what is the same with TV bench assembly. One may demand a Phillips screwdriver and a hammer. Another one may require a Fearson screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver, and a drill.

The most common required combination for IKEA TV benches is a combination of:

  •      A slotted screwdriver;
  •      A Phillips screwdriver;
  •      A hummer;
  •      A line.

Moreover, a pencil or a pen with paper will be useful. It will help you to make a plan for your assembly.

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Step 1

When your furniture arrives at the new place, the first thing you think is unpacking the parts and details of your new IKEA TV bench. You should do it in the room where you want your new purchase to be located. In the other way, you will be obliged to relocate it on your own. Decompose everything on a flat surface and at a short distance. Every detail must be located in sight. It should be done in such a way that you will be able to found and take each of them easily and fast.

Step 2

Compare the number of parts and details that you unpacked with the number of parts and details that are specified in the instructions. Moreover, you should displace more attention on the drawer runners if your new TV bench consists of some drawers. If everything is okay, you may go on. But in case, the numbers do not match, you should look for them. If something lacks, you need to turn to the shop where you bought your TV bench.

Step 3

Then, make sure that every detail is found, each of the drawer runners is visible for you and acceptable at its own place. Open the instruction. Look at the page where information about the needed tools is situated. You must have exactly those instruments. If you do not have them, you will not fix the purchase perfectly well. You may turn to a local tool shop or borrow some from your friends, relatives or neighbors.

Step 4

Take a line and measure the width of the wall. Make sure the sizes are appropriate for fixing the TV bench. Then, take a look at several cord outlets, which are situated at the back of the TV bench. Be sure, those cord outlets will be also suitable. If you have some problems, you should turn to the shop, where you purchased the TV bench.


You should do everything due to the TV bench instruction. Assembly work is divided into several steps, which you should follow with. If you have some problems, as, for example, the holes that absolutely do not line up, it may turn out to prove your inattentiveness and heedlessness during the assembly works.

So, here are some additional steps that will help you to assemble you TV bench.

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Step 1

IKEA TV bench with drawers assembly. If your purchase does not have any drawers, you may miss this step.
You should start with the panels and the drawer runners. Fix them together with the help of bolts. You will get know which exactly bolts you need thanks to the instruction of your TV bench.

Step 2

Look through the holes that should line up. Put the panels together, and, following the pictures in the instruction, screw them with bolts. But leave one side, the back, and the top panels aside. Make sure that you screwed all holes with boles.

Step 3

Put the drawers’ shelves and the panels’ construction together. Screw them with boles. And then screw the last side panel with the whole construction. Fix all boles.

Step 4

Screw the top and the back panels with the construction. Take a look at the cord outlets.

Step 5

Make sure everything is done according to the instruction and each of the boles is fixed, as well as every drawer runner is properly placed.

Step 6

Put the drawers into the IKEA TV bench and fix it into the wall. You should fix your TV bench with the suitable material for your wall.


Sometimes IKEA TV bench with drawer assembly seems to be not an easy task. Of course, if you do it without the appropriate tools and instructions, you will not succeed. However, if you make some efforts and follow the demands, you will do the assembly works as good as possible. Everything you need is to be well prepared and have all the needed tools. Also, don’t forget to read the instruction before the assembly. If you are not sure that you can do everything on your own, you may hire the professionals to help you. But it will cost you some money. You may save that money with the help of our article. If you have no time for TV bench assembly then ask iFurniture Assembly to do the task instead of you.

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