IKEA Shelves Wall Mounting Service

9 February, 2018

Everyone appreciates comfort. Interior design can show your taste, as well as your personality. Some people are active and like to keep up with the rhythm of life. Others are passive and like to sit in front of the TV and eat their popcorn. But what really connects all the people in our globe is strong desire to comfort. What does comfort mean for you? How can you organize a comfortable and cozy atmosphere at home? Or how can home atmosphere (furniture, décor and space arrangement) show your personality?

A lot of people often face difficulties in their home or working space organization. They are very surprised when they see how wall mounted simple shelve can change the whole room. Really, shelving is one of the most effective and universal ways to add warmth, comfort and pleasant atmosphere to your home or office. Wall shelves can turn an empty, “grey” room into the great place to store your things. Shelves are often used for books, pictures, family photos, candles, souvenirs, and awards collection.

IKEA represents a wide choice of various shelves (as well as the furniture itself), that are specially designed to fit any space of your room. You can also cut the shelves to the exact size you want, so you may be sure you’ll find a great shelf to fit perfectly any space you need. Different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs are created by IKEA to satisfy different customers’ needs.

IKEA wall mounting shelves are the best choice for those who appreciate comfort.  IKEA includes a large variety of shelves to fit different taste and mood. But if you do not get used to hanging something on the wall, (something like lack floating shelves) it may be a big problem for you to install the shelf on your own hook. The problem does not only concern your multiple efforts to find a wall stud. It also touches the damaged wall (empty holes in the wall) during your experiment to install the shelf. If you shift all of this stuff for yourself, you’ll probably worry about whether the shelves are going to fall down at the moment when you put something heavy on the top of them.

That is why you need a professional assistance. If you like IKEA but do not have time to arrange, deliver or install your shelves, you can easily rely on iFurniture Assembly. If you choose iFurniture Assembly as your professional assistant, you’ll not only save your day but also avoid the assembly process which can get on your nerves (especially if it’s your first assembly and you do not have luck with it). iFurniture Assembly offers a shelf-mounting service to save your nerves and to protect your mood from the negative influence of difficult and exhausting first-time installation. If you rely on our experienced professionals you can be sure that there will be no bunch of holes in your wall.


Proper shelf mounting requires some practice and special tools. Now you may not worry about it. No matter what type of shelving you choose, IKEA shelves wall mounting service will perform everything the best way. Saving nerves and protecting yourself from the irritating headaches is possible when you work with professionals in their business.


  • IKEA Wall Mounted TV Shelves

TVs mean a lot to everyone. Taking into consideration the rapid growth of technologies, people became more dependent on TVs which include the features of the Internet browsing (which offers unlimited online options). Somebody prefers DVDs or Play Station Games. All these items are able to make a mess in your home. Moreover, they are taking over your home. Thanks to our IKEA wall mounted TV Shelves service, your TV, and media furniture will be successfully installed, as well as take their own place. TV shelves have space for everything you need. Just sit on the comfortable sofa and enjoy TV.

ikea besta unit wall mounting service in NYC and NJ

  • IKEA Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves

A kitchen is quite a personal place where people cook and enjoy their food. That’s why it should be as comfortable as possible. With the help of IKEA wall mounted kitchen shelves, you’ll feel comfort and cozy atmosphere. IKEA wall mounted kitchen shelves are designed to suit every preference and taste. Some of the IKEA kitchen shelves have hooks on their underside to allow you to suspend items like utensils, towels, or small pans, offering you extra space when you are cooking. Mounted kitchen shelves do not only look good, they are also easy to clean with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Ikea shelves wall mounting service in NYC and NJ

  • IKEA Wall Mounted Box Shelves

Wall mounted box shelves will give you versatile cabinetry space. Use your imagination and create the desirable interior with the help of box shelves. Make experiments, mix and match the colors, sizes, and styles. You can create a great, functional and fashionable home or office décor.

ikea besta wall mounting service in NYC and NJ

  • IKEA White Wall Mounted Shelves

White wall mounted shelves are a great solution for small or narrow rooms. They can turn the empty walls into the great place to show off your things (family photos, souvenirs, toys, etc). You can also cut the shelf to the necessary size to fit your room perfectly. The white color fits mostly with any design or interior.

ikea wall mounted shelves installation

  • IKEA Wall Mounted Cube Shelves

IKEA also has a big variety of mounted cube shelves. Only you can organize your personal space. A great collection of cube shelves is specially designed to serve not only in practical but in a functional way too.

  • IKEA Wall Mounted Corner Shelves

IKEA has a large variety of various mounted corner shelves for different tastes. They can decorate your room and make it more attractive.

ikea wall mounted shelves installation

  • LACK Shelves

Using the LACK shelves type has become a widely popular nowadays. Their minimalistic design makes any room cozy and stylish. This floating shelf completely covers the mounting hardware to make it look unnoticeable as if it is one with the wall.

IKEA LACK shelves installation


  • You’ll get a 90-day warranty on all work
  • Flat rate assembly
  • Flexible scheduling (does not takes any time at your workday)
  • We work only with IKEA furniture
  • Excellent services at a competitive prices
  • Great performed assembly which will serve you for years

Installation of wall mounted shelves is not an easy process. The wall mounting shelves are considered to be one of the most difficult goods for self-assembly. Using IKEA professional mounting services you can focus on decorating your shelves and creating a comfortable living space instead of worrying about its installation. Our experienced technicians guarantee that your shelves will be set up successfully, carefully, reliably and in a timely manner.


IKEA has really a big variety of wall mounted shelves. Each of them has its own structure, shape, size, and color. If you want to create a comfortable atmosphere at home or at work, mounted shelves can be a very good solution. If you want to install them the most successful way, think about professional IKEA shelves wall mounting service. It’s the right and easy choice for those people who want to get an experienced assistance and be confident that the shelf they’ve chosen will serve them for ages.

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