Ikea Pax Wardrobes vs. Custom Closets

11 November, 2018

One of the most important things that people have to decide upon in their lives is the quality of their furniture. Home furnishings are incredibly pivotal in feeling successful and happy with the state of one’s life, given that the home is where individuals spend the majority of their time. Bedroom sets, bathroom themes, and matching living room furniture can make a positive impact on someone’s daily outlook. Being surrounded by comforting objects is imperative to everyday satisfaction. That is why the concept of purchasing premade furniture from outlet stores, like Ikea, as opposed to building custom furniture out of parts is something that the majority of people should definitely take into consideration.

Building a custom closet can be not only incredibly rewarding for your feelings of talent and skill, but it can also end up being more efficient and beneficial than purchasing something like the Ikea Pax Wardrobe. That is why iFurnitureAssembly, a company based in Manhattan, is here to help with a variety of customer-oriented needs, from delivery to assembly to how-to’s on crafting a custom option.


Though the general association with Ikea is one of frustration and difficulty, the store has a lot to offer for a vast array of people. The Ikea PAX Wardrobe is fairly customizable, despite the fact that is a premade option. The wardrobe is perfect for any kind of home, and the best part is, we can help with wardrobe assembly. The Ikea PAX series allows the customer to determine all of the qualifications of their wardrobe. The size of the wardrobe is up to the prospective buyer, the color is your choice, and the style can be determined by you as well. This amount of personalization certainly seems fairly helpful.

In addition, the Ikea assembly service in Manhattan can seriously impact your decision making process. Because they offer delivery and assembly for Ikea products, excellent aspect of the furniture purchase process to consider. The PAX wardrobe can be improved upon with different interior fittings that are ready-made to improve the customer satisfaction. The important parts are easily fixed and carefully orchestrated to appeal to the specific person. Every part of your style is guaranteed to be organized and easily stored in the PAX series of wardrobe, so it is definitely a valuable option to think about.

ikea pax sliding doors unit is the best option for you to save some money and space in your room. iFurnitureAssembly is happy to help you with its delivery, assembly and installation. IKEA PAX unit assembly and installation. Experience the convenience and practicality of the IKEA PAX unit. With iFurnitureAssembly you can get any IKEA PAX wardrobe delivered and assembled the next day.


When it comes to Ikea furniture installation, things can be a little bit tricky. The instructions are popularly misinterpreted, and Ikea products have a habit of malfunctioning if not properly put together. This makes them a pretty sketchy notion when it comes to furnishing a home, but iFurnitureAssembly is a quality Ikea assembly service in Manhattan, Brooklyn or other parts of New-York city that can guarantee a job well-done in that department.

All the same, you might be considering the option of piecing together a quality customized closet that you can depend upon. By determining the best options for yourself, you can improve your overall quality in terms of home furniture. A custom closet can be relatively easily designed, and it can even occasionally be a cheaper option with more personality and style than the premade selections available in stores like Ikea.

Wardrobe assembly is not as easy as one might think, though, despite how simple it might be to design. It can require a lot of patience and effort, not to mention time. While this can be an incredibly rewarding experience that directly impacts a person’s self-esteem, it is also generally unachievable for the average individual. Because it requires so much out of you, it can be more trouble that it’s worth. That is why Ikea furniture installation through a company like us can be your best bet for being happy with the overall state of your home furnishings.


Though there are a plethora of things to take into consideration when it comes to furniture buying, some aspects are slightly more valuable than others. For example, taking into consideration your time management can be imperative. If you spend the majority of your week at work, then it would be difficult for you to manage the construction of a new custom closet. Instead, it could be fairly well advised that you utilize the services provided by the popular Ikea assembly service in Manhattan—iFurnitureAssembly. You can pick out the specific premade design you find the most appealing, and subsequently not worry about it again. The wardrobe assembly will be completely handled by this company. That is an incredibly convenient option for the majority of people, especially those in New York who are constantly busy. The Ikea furniture installation process would be entirely handled and insured, so that you are confident with the selection.

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