IKEA Loft Beds and IKEA Daybeds

24 July, 2018

IKEA Loft Beds and IKEA Daybeds Assembly

Ready to get a new bed for the areas in your house that are tight on space? Here’s a sneak peak of all of our favorites that are sure to provide your loved ones with a good night’s sleep. From convenient loft beds to versatile day beds, there is a practical bed type for the coveted small spaces in your home. Check out our favorites!

IKEA Stuva Loft Bed 

Little munchkin’s room a bit too….little? Why don’t you make the most of the limited space with the Stuva Loft Bed? With its contemporary silhouette and open design, this eye-catching bed successfully merges style with versatility.

Showcasing a twin bed on top and a desk and open shelf unit built into its base, here is the perfect place for your little one to study for tests, get a good night’s sleep, store important items, and much more. The convenient workspace below comes complete with a desktop and three shelves, so your young scholar will absolutely treasure his/her personal office space. Even better, the multiple cubbyholes can store some of your little munchkin’s favorite items like toys, sports apparels, and movies. The one potential con of the IKEA Loft Bed is that the ladder allows for easy access only on the right side of the bed, but a great pro is that the wooden guard rails provide safety for your little one.

A simple design that parents and children can both agree on, the IKEA Loft Bed is the perfect choice for decking out your child’s restful oasis in wow-worthy style. The product carries a rich, white finish; as a result, it can blend seamlessly into any decor that you child desires! Slight assembly is required for this awesome product, so grab a friend or family member to help! Don’t forget to assemble the desk perpendicular to the bed! That way your child can access the open shelf unit from both sides. The item only takes up 21.5 square feet of space.

IKEA loft bed assembly is not an easy thing to do. If you need any help with putting your IKEA Stuva loft bed together, reach out to iFurnitureAssembly, we will be happy to help you out.

IKEA Brimnes Daybed 

Did someone say sleepovers? Did someone suggest that mom or dad should take a quick nap? It’s a compact sofa! It’s a single bed! It’s a double bed! That’s right! It’s the IKEA Brimnes Daybed! Inspired by the designs found in condos, apartments, and other small abodes, this space-saving daybed is brimming with contemporary charm.

The IKEA Brimnes Daybed will make your guests feel truly at home because of its practicality and style. The product is great for sleepovers as it is designed to fit two twin mattresses that can be placed on top of each other for a single bed or side by side for a double bed. All of your guests are sure to be “wowed” by the resilient foam mattresses because of their amazing support and comfort. More than just stylish and comfortable, this IKEA Brimnes Bed also features three large drawers where you can store comforters, pillows, sheets, and more.

When friends or family from out of town come by, pull out the daybed and toss on some sheets to give your guests a much needed restful retreat. The product is perfectly suitable for the kid’s/teen’s bedroom, living room, and even the family room. Because of its compact size, a con is that the product may look a bit awkward in larger rooms.

IKEA brimnes daybed delivery and assembly in NYC

IKEA Hemnes Daybed 

We have all been there at some point in our lives. After hosting a get together at your house, one friend had a few too many drinks to drive home. Or remember the time when your little munchkin came home with a sleepover friend on short notice? Regardless of the occasion, we all need a spare bed sometimes. Stay prepared and fashionable with this IKEA Daybed.

Doubling as a spot to catch some Z’s and a place to lounge and relax, this product offers unprecedented function and modern style to your living quarters at an extremely affordable cost.

Perfect for a child’s or teen’s bedroom or some other room that has limited space, the IKEA Daybed can be easily transformed into a bed by simply pulling out the bed base. The final result is a double bed within minutes! Crafted partly of renewable materials, this versatile product includes a convenient slat system to accommodate two MINNESUND foam mattresses.

Since the product enables you to optimize your space during the day while obtaining the extra space you need at night, buying this IKEA Daybed is a no brainer! Dress it up with comfy cushions for relaxed lounging by day, then roll out the bed for guests to sleepover. All of your guests will definitely thank you later! But the only disadvantage of the bed is that some grouchy, overnight guests may complain that they didn’t have enough space!

ikea hemnes daybed delivery and assembly in NYC

These are a few of IKEA’s best selling beds! The uniqueness of these products not only lies in their compact size but also the convenient storage space. If you want to ensure that choosing your next bed is more of a dream and less of a nightmare, make that you consider these three lovely options above!

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