Ikea Bed Frame Assembly

23 February, 2018

We spend about one-third of our life in bed. It will be difficult to imagine what difference an extra one hour of sleep can make in your life.

A good and quiet night sleep is a vital part of our life. It determines our well-being and gives us strength for the whole day activity. The gap between getting enough of sleep and getting too little sleep may affect your health, mood, skin color and even weight. That’s why you need to sleep at least 7-8 hours. Your bed should be comfortable and cozy. If you’ve noticed that your bed is not as good as it was several years ago, it says that it’s time to be replaced with a new one. We’ll help you to choose a great bed frame and assemble your bed, so it will serve you for ages.


IKEA is one of the leading companies which offer a great variety of bed frames to fit every taste and need. Different sizes, shapes, and colors are offered here. You can choose the best one to fit your room size and your personal preferences. All you need to do is to make a purchase and assemble your bed. If you want to make sure your bed is reliably assembled, you’ll need to call for a professional assistance. iFurniture Assembly is the best choice. We have been working with IKEA furniture for several years, so we know as nobody else all the key principles and important details to assemble IKEA furniture the most successful way.

IKEA MALM bed frame delivery and assembly service in NYC and NJ. Hire iFurnitureAssembly. IKEA loft bed assembly is not an easy thing to do. If you need any help with putting your IKEA Stuva loft bed together, reach out to iFurnitureAssembly, we will be happy to help you out.


Everyone knows the high quality of IKEA products. Beds are the most selling items as well as the most difficult to assemble. IKEA bed looks like a set of screws and tricks accompanied by a special assembly instruction. You can assemble your bed on yourself or call iFurniture Assembly to receive a qualitative result. We can help you to assemble any bed type or model and to collect all the bed units the best way.

  • Save Time

Our goal is to save your time and make your flat-pack furniture convenient again. We’ve assembled hundreds of IKEA beds, so we have a good knowledge of all the details concerning IKEA beds assembly. We take care of all our customers. That is why we do our best to ensure IKEA bed longevity, durability, and reliability. No matter what type of design, complexity of construction or model your bed is. iFurniture Assembly perfectly deals with any type of work. You’ll not worry about loose bolts, rattling wooden slats, or rickety parts. We guarantee a successful assembly to ensure you a quiet and comfortable night sleep.

  • Experience And Practice

iFuriture Assembly takes care of every customer, providing hundreds of assembly services every year. It does not matter what line of IKEA bed you prefer the most: MANDAL, HEMNES, MALM or BRIMNES – we are ready to assist and achieve qualitative and successful results within a short period of time.

IKEA OPPLAND bed frame delivery and assembly service in NYC and NJ IKEA bed frame delivery and assembly service in NYC and NJ

  • Reliability And Quality

iFurniture Assembly is a great company, which knows what it does. We offer not only a fast assembly service but reliability and quality of our work as well. Our customers know that iFurniture assembly goes with reliability and quality.

  • IKEA Bed Frame Delivery

Thanks to our IKEA bed frame delivery and purchase services, our customers are free from visit IKEA store or order a separate delivery for furniture. All you need to do is just submit a request to our customer service. What will you get? We’ll buy a bed, deliver and install it for you. Great, isn’t it?


As you may notice, the main goal of iFurniture assembly is to provide its customers with a great assembly service. All you need to do is to make a cup of coffee or a tea, sit on your sofa and relax. We’ll make your life easier and assemble your bed the best way! Rely on professionals and get an unforgettable experience of bed frame assembly.

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