IKEA Bathroom Design Ideas And Assembly

3 August, 2017

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and they just might be the one room we visit most often throughout the day, and night. Whether your space is overdue for a renovation or you’re starting from scratch, IKEA has everything you need to design your dream bathroom.


Some might argue that one can never have enough bathroom storage, and that is especially true in a smaller bathroom with limited counter space. IKEA’s selection of cabinets and shelving units seems to be endless, but more importantly, the options are all well thought out. The Lillangen high cabinet with a mirror door is tall and slender to fit in any space, and the door doubles as a full-length mirror. If floor space is limited, the Lillangen mirror cabinets hang on the wall and have an extra end unit of shelves. These cabinets come in a variety of finishes, but a sleek white cabinet, paired with stainless steel fixtures, is sure to brighten up a smaller space.

ikea bathroom


A large bathroom is on every home buyer’s wish list and if you are lucky enough to have one, you know a large bathroom can feel a bit cold if left too empty. The Silveran storage bench is not only useful, but its light brown wood finish instantly adds a homey warmth to a larger bathroom. Another plus of having a spacious bathroom is the option to have a double vanity, and the Godmorgan/Odensvik sink cabinets come in a two or four drawer style and have that cozy light wood finish. IKEA’s Dragan collection also has some beautiful light wood accessories to tie the room together.


If you have little feet pitter pattering around your home, you know their safety is a number one priority. Fortunately, IKEA is on your same wavelength and they offer the Gunnern lockable cabinets, that double as mirrors, and are the perfect size for storing medications, razors or anything else you don’t want your little ones getting ahold of. The Stugvik suction cup hooks are a simple solution to the towel racks that tend to be out of reach, and they come in a color four pack, so you can assign a hook to each child. A kid friendly bathroom is quite complete without necessities like a colorful Lilla children’s potty and a sturdy Bolmen step stool.

No matter the size of your space or your family, IKEA has everything to make your bathroom the perfect space for you. Now that you know what you want, contact iFurniture so we can assist you by delivering and installing all your IKEA bathroom must-haves.

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