How iFurnitureAssembly can help you save more money on furniture

8 November, 2019

High Point Furniture Trade show

We always try to make our customers happy, we are always in search for something new for them. Something like high-quality, stylish furniture for affordable price! That is why we went to one of the biggest furniture trade shows in North America, High Point Trade Show, this October and guess what we found out? A lot of large furniture brands buy their furniture from smaller manufacturers and sell it under their brand with 600-700% markup! So for example, the same media console you could buy for $399 from a not really famous brand, you have to buy for $2499 from a famous brand just because of their name. That means you pay a lot of money only for the name, not for the quality or materials. Well, let us tell you a little more about the trade show and how you can save money with iFurnitureAssembly 🙂

Furniture Trade Shows and what they are for

You can visit a furniture trade show in NYC; very often they take place in Javits Center. But those shows aren’t that big as the ones in the furniture capital of the USA – High Point in North Carolina. Furniture trade shows are typically visited by interior designers, stagers, furniture retailers, etc., who come there to establish business partnerships. We love furniture trade shows because you can find a lot of really cool, stylish and most importantly high-quality furniture. You can be one of the first people to see new furniture collections and the first one to buy it directly from the manufacturer. The only problem is that unfortunately, you can’t buy any furniture at the trade show if you are not a furniture retailer. These companies sell furniture to only certified furniture retailers, interior designers and stagers. This makes it impossible for regular customer to buy furniture directly from the manufacturer, and makes it a lot easier for big furniture brands to jack up their prices.

What you can do to save money

Luckily, iFurnitureAssembly found a solution for those who want to get a beautiful, quality furniture without breaking the bank. After visiting the trade show and seeing in person the furniture companies had to offer there, we chose several companies with the furniture our customers will definitely love and registered accounts with them. So now iFurnitureAssembly can buy furniture for great prices directly from manufacturers so our customers could buy it from us without having to pay thousands of dollars for a brand name. And very soon we are going to open a showroom in Brooklyn! We know a lot of our customers have been waiting for this moment to happen for so long already, and we are so excited to finally announce that very soon you will be able to come to our showroom to see and feel the furniture we chose for you. And moreover, you will also have an option to order furniture from the catalogs of the companies we work with. Just come to our showroom, we will announce later when the grand opening will be. We are looking forward to see you all in our showroom and work on saving more money for you! 😉

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