Furniture flat pack assembly vs. other brands furniture assembly

17 April, 2019

Flat pack items

Despite the fact that Ikea furniture is quite easy to transport, thanks to its flat packs, it is not always easy to assemble this furniture. Ikea flat pack items come in convenient packaging that you can easily put in your car even if you don’t own a truck, so delivering your Ikea furniture wouldn’t be a big problem for you whereas transportation of other furniture brands can be an issue. Ikea flat pack is the most comfortable way to shop furniture if you prefer to go to the stores yourself to actually see and feel the furniture you are going to live with. That is why Ikea remains the most popular furniture store in the world. The quality of the furniture and the convenience Ikea provides its customers with has been an attraction for decades. However, if you are into more fancy-looking furniture, Ikea may not have what you need. And when the Ikea furniture is easy to transport but hard to assemble, other brands furniture, on the contrary, is hard to transport as it usually comes already assembled. Whatever furniture brand you choose, iFurnitureAssembly is happy to help you with the delivery and assembly. 

Flat pack handyman in NYC

Professional flat pack handyman service is something not easy to find in NYC. When Taskrabbit and Handy provide hourly rates for their technicians that sometimes fail to do their job properly, iFurnitureAssembly provides flat rates for its professional, top-rated delivery and assembly service. Ikea advertises its flat pack items as easy to transport and put together and provides detailed instructions to each item. However, these instructions are sometimes really tricky and confusing. And very often people giving up on trying to assemble it by their own, they resort to the help of professionals. Luckily, there are a lot of companies in NYC providing Ikea flat pack handyman service. iFurnitureAssembly is one of them, and if all other companies provide only delivery and assembly service in NYC, iFurnitureAssembly provides delivery and assembly service in all Tristate area along with the delivery service from furniture outlets. Our flat pack installers are trained to assemble any Ikea flat pack items, as well as any non-Ikea furniture. They can handle furniture of any complexity, from simple bed frames to wall-mounted Besta units. And if you are still hesitating to get Ikea furniture because of its complex assembly, don’t! iFurnitureAssembly will not only shop and deliver it to you, we will also install everything the way you wish. 

ikea furniture delivery and assembly service in NYC from one of the best furniture related companies in NYC
ikea assembly service in nyc

Furniture flat pack assembly service rates

Ikea assembly, as was mentioned above, is not an easy thing to do if you have never done it. And giving high prices in NYC on virtually everything, some people don’t even try to look for a professional flat pack handyman service thinking that it’s too expensive, and after multiple attempts to put Ikea furniture together by their own, reach out to furniture assembly companies. Why even waste your time when iFurnitureAssembly has everything you need for affordable price? On iFurnitureAssembly website you can calculate the approximate price on your Ikea furniture assembly using our calculator, so it won’t be a surprise for you when you get a quote. Ikea assembly service rates can vary dramatically, so isn’t it nice to be prepared? Our Ikea flat pack technicians will be happy to be of service, providing you with the exceptional assembly service for flat affordable rates.  

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