Furniture Delivery Alternative to IKEA Delivery Service

11 November, 2018

iFurnitureAssembly LLC – Delivery Service

Sure IKEA has those great flat packs that are nice and compact. But does that mean you can transport a few of those (or even one) on the subway or ferry, then walk another few blocks to your place? No. And since most New Yorkers don’t have a truck or van or know someone who does, they inevitably turn to IKEA’s own delivery service.

So why should you use our Ikea delivery alternative? Well if you’ve ever tried to schedule an IKEA delivery, you know that sometimes the cost of the delivery can be more than the cost of the furniture you bought (!!) and the delivery date is usually a few days later. You bought your furniture today and you want it in your home today! We get that.

We are here to help. If you purchased your IKEA items online using the IKEA Click & Collect service, we can pick up and deliver your furniture for you. If you want us to do your shopping as well, we’ll be happy to do that too and we’ll deliver your items to your doorstep at the scheduled time.

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