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30 November, 2018

Would you like to change your interior every season? Wouldn’t it be great if your apartment had a fresh and modern look in summer, and a warmer look in winter? That sounds like a dream, right? With IKEA sofas this dream can come true. IKEA has a variety of sofas that you can change the slipcovers of and create any interior you want, whether it’s monochromatic and minimalistic design or vivid and floral one. IKEA slipcovers are easy to use, wash and take care of. You just need to choose the sofa frame you really like as remember (!), it’s going to be the sofa you will host your friends on and spend your evenings on watching movies and your favorite TV shows, so it has to be a perfectly comfortable one with enough space for everybody. Luckily, at IKEA you can find not one, not two, but several options to satisfy your sofa taste. And moreover, with iFurnitureAssembly custom slipcovers for IKEA sofas you can be definitely sure that your jaded taste will be fulfilled. IKEA may not have a great assortment of colors and fabrics to offer, but with just an IKEA sofa frame and custom sofa covers from iFurnitureAssembly you can build a perfect sofa for any occasion.

Let’s dive into the IKEA custom slipcovers realm!

1) Which sofas have removable covers?

Unfortunately, not all IKEA sofas have removable covers. But there are plenty of them that have. The most popular ones are Karlstad, Vimle, and Ektorp. These are not only the most famous IKEA sofas; they are also the oldest sofa models IKEA have been producing for a very long time. The best thing about these sofas is that they also come as sectionals, so you really have an option to get a huge couch to accommodate all of your friends and family. Although IKEA has a few variations of the slipcovers for these sofas, the quality of them still leaves much to be desired. Happily, you don’t have to be limited by only IKEA store to shop the slipcover for your IKEA sofa; you can find a few stores that create custom IKEA sofa covers and sell them online. One of them is iFurnitureAssembly where you’ll find not only high quality but also very fashionable products that will make your IKEA sofa look not like IKEA at all.

IKEA custom made sofa covers for sale in NYCikea custom made slipcover for IKEA Karlstad for sale in nyc

2) Are the sofa covers washable? How to clean a sofa cover?

IKEA sofa covers are washable and you can clean them all you want. It’s not difficult to do, but remember, it’s a very time-consuming process. You need to follow all the cleaning instructions a slipcover has.

  • First of all, you need to spot all the stains on the sofa cover and pre-treat them (if there are any really tough ones).

You can use any spray stain removal for that, but if you really need a recommendation, this one is pretty good – Bissell Oxy Stain Destroyer .

  • Remove the slipcover

Just unzip the covers and pull them off.

  • Wash it in a machine

Use any detergent you have at home, Oxiclean (to get the best result) and bleach (only if your slipcovers are white). It’s much effective to wash the sofa covers in batches. You could split them into three loads (back cushion covers, seat cushion covers, and the base cover).

  • Dry it

To dry the slipcovers, you are going to have to do this in two steps. First step is to run them through the dryer (do not use heat in the dryer by no means). And the second step is to let them dry on the drying rack until they are slightly damp to be easily put back on the cushions (tip: damp fabric stretches more).

3) How to iron a slipcover?

This step is very simple, we won’t reinvent the wheel here. Just use a steamer to get rid of all the wrinkles after you put the slipcovers back on (if there are still any wrinkles).

4) How to dye a sofa cover?

There is a whole tutorial on this. You can dye your IKEA slipcover in any color you want, Rit has a wide selection of colors to choose from. But are you really going to get yourself through this tiresome process? Why don’t just shop a few different slipcovers from our online store and switch them whenever you feel like changing? Our online catalog is constantly updated to always keep you fascinated.

5) Buy a sofa without cover

Buying IKEA sofa frame without cover can be not as easy as it sounds. IKEA sofas with removable covers are so popular that IKEA stores not always have the frames, and even if you see online that they do, you better hurry as there will be no any very soon. Or there is another way to get the IKEA sofa frame you want, and in addition it will be for a cheaper price. Check or These websites offer furniture (and not only furniture) that is used (sometimes you can find brand new pieces there as well) but still in a very good condition. Anyway, you don’t even need your IKEA sofa frame to be brand new, you will get a slipcover that will make your sofa look and feel like a brand new one! Isn’t it a smart idea? You can save some money on the IKEA sofa frame by buying a used one from one of those websites and get as many slipcovers as you want along with the sofa legs from our online store, and change your sofa look as often as you like.

ikea custom made sofa covers for KARLSTAD sofa for sale in NYC

In this changing world, you would want to change too. This is not only about your own look and lifestyle, you would probably want to change everything around yourself as well. Start with your living room, to be more precise with your sofa, this is the most used piece of furniture in your apartment, and it requires to be very comfortable. IKEA sofas are known for their comfort and durability. But when it comes to style, IKEA sofas are not the first ones that pop up in mind. Luckily, with our new custom slipcovers for IKEA sofas, you can get a comfortable and affordable IKEA sofa and customize it all you want to bring an extraordinary look to your living room.

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