Alternative Service vs. Service from the seller in NYC

26 December, 2016

The common association with Ikea furniture is usually not that great. Public opinion is generally oriented towards assuming that the products will be difficult to put together, and though they are aesthetically appealing, the general consensus is that the ease of composition is the more important aspect in deciding upon furniture. That is why Ikea has opted to give customers the security and satisfaction they desire by having their own delivery and assembly service. While it has its perks, the rising furniture assembly companies that are not affiliated with any particular store have proven to be quite the competitors for the store-sponsored options. Employees typically are not as adept at putting together furniture as people who have devoted their lives to this career choice, but occasionally these sorts of companies can be a challenge to work with. Thankfully, we provide an excellent bridge between the two problematic associations. They are an Ikea assembly service in NYC and Jersey City and Hoboken that gives people an easy, friendly company to work with that is just as competent and capable as need be. There are, of course, many pros and cons to working with an alternative service as opposed to the provided service option.


iFurnitureAssembly & Alternative Assembly Services:

Manhattan Shopping And Delivery Options

When it comes to living in New York, the stereotype is proven true. People are incessantly busy and constantly trying to manage their schedules. They hardly have time to provide themselves with the necessities in life, much less try to obtain fun and interesting commodities. That’s why businesses like iFurnitureAssembly offer shopping and delivery services for Ikea furniture. The next day delivery is incredibly helpful, especially for people who tend to make decisions at the last minute. The fact that this company allows individuals the security of mind, the ease of obtainment, and the feeling of a job well done without creating a complication is incredibly excellent.

ikea click and collect service in nyc

Rapid Response Times

One of the hardest issues to overcome in the majority of situations is communication. One-way communication will not resolve any problems, and it makes people feel disrespected. With alternative Ikea assembly service companies like us, people can rest assured that they are going to be met with friendly employees who are capable of answering and scheduling virtually immediately. They will guarantee a thirty minute response for emails, and the next day service can be invaluable.

Extensive Warranty for Assembly

It can be fairly disconcerting to feel like your furniture is not safe or could be improved upon, and because of this, the alternative services often provide a warranty that covers faulty installation or problems with assembly. That enables people to have the peace of mind they desire for their furniture and home decor. Whether the item had to be installed or simply put together, we  offers a 90 day warranty on all of the prospective things they could help with. The NYC and Jersey City and Hoboken areas can rest assured that they are in good hands with the people at iFurnitureAssembly offering their services.

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Better Than A Warranty—Insurance

Nothing gives customers a better sense of relief than knowing that their furniture is insured. This insurance policy enables prospective users of alternative assembly services to feel complicit in a grand undertaking that won’t hinder them financially. They can feel free to decorate and furnish their homes without problems or worries. iFurnitureAssembly will let their clients know just how well insured their furniture is when they utilize their services.


Excellent Service

The Ikea assembly services available through the store actually offer the customers options for delivery and assembly. The alternative assembly services tend to give people the ability to get their things delivered as well, but typically the charge is less and the quality more assured. While the employees gain experience with putting together furniture as they go, they become more and more efficient at appropriately assembling.

ikea assembly service in nyc

Warranty Through the Store

The furniture that gets assembled by the employees at Ikea will hypothetically be given a warranty that extends beyond that which is offered by the alternative assembly services. That could be a prospective benefit, because it would mean that any installation issue or assembly malfunction would be covered through the store instead of through a third party.

Though there are benefits to both options, the alternative assembly service is clearly the superior option. Because it provides a plethora of benefits with little to no negative implications, service providers like us allow the greater NYC and Jersey City and Hoboken area to have access to the best quality assembly service available. Ikea furniture should be installed by trained professionals, and the individuals at our company are just that.

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