10 Hardest IKEA Furniture to Assemble

5 January, 2018

IKEA furniture pieces that are not easy to assemble

It is a real pleasure to live in a well-furnished apartment. Each room needs a certain set of items for the best efficiency and convenience. It’s not a kitchen if there is no dining table, chairs, and set of cabinets; it’s not a bedroom if there is no bed, dresser, etc. Fortunately, all you need can be found under the brand of IKEA. This name is associated with such characteristics as reliable, durable, contemporary, and easy-to-assemble. However, the latter is not quite true since certain IKEA products can cause difficulties when assembling. In this matter, let’s review 10 furniture pieces that may cause a bit frustration.


Let’s begin with the hardest. Two professionals can assemble the PAX wardrobe for 4 hours. If you want to paddle own canoe, think twice since 150 parts can become a real challenge. Besides, such components as sliding doors, numerous drawers, pull-out trays and other peculiar features of the wardrobe will make even a professional specialist sweating.

IKEA PAX unit assembly and installation. Experience the convenience and practicality of the IKEA PAX unit. With iFurnitureAssembly you can get any IKEA PAX wardrobe delivered and assembled the next day.


Adjustable shelves are probably the worst part of the bookcase. Those who managed to set them properly without extra parts belong to a special cohort of top professionals dealing with IKEA products. Still, it is just a joke.

Fixing on the wall also requires craft and experience. By the way, keep in mind that fixing devices are not included. Good luck, if you decided to have that giant in your living room.

ikea billy bookcase assembly in nyc


Your TV will look great on the BESTA unit even if it is off. However, users who opted for that piece expect a real quest. A special care should be taken for a high gloss finish and glass doors. Besides, the unit should be fixed to the wall. Be prepared to spend at least 4 hours for assembly if you have a helper. Doing it alone will require much more time.

ikea besta unit assembly


This piece of furniture does not have a plenty of parts. However, you will need a drill, ruler, saw, laser level, and ladder to cope with this task. Here is a tip. It is highly advised to find a companion for mounting KVARTAL.


Some consumers say that assembling the PAX wardrobe is the easy bit compared to the Liatorp Entertainment System. The unit can boast of a wide array of shelves and panels designed to hold versatile multimedia devices. Besides, the system is secured to the wall. Due to a high level of complications occurred at the assembly, this piece of furniture is often called the Divorcemaker. It is just a joke. Yet, there is a shard of truth in every joke.


Experience suggests that more than four hours is required for two professionals to get the STUVA loft bed assembled. This piece is a combination of a wardrobe, cabinet, table, and bed. If you like puzzles, you will appreciate this unit.

IKEA loft bed assembly is not an easy thing to do. If you need any help with putting your IKEA Stuva loft bed together, reach out to iFurnitureAssembly, we will be happy to help you out.


As a rule, storage beds offer extra space under the bed to store your belongings. As for the BRIMNES unit, consumers will have to deal with the slatted bed base and the SKORVA midbeam separately. Approximately three hours it will take you to cope with that task.

IKEA Brimnes storage bed delivery and assembly in NYC


Some say that bunk beds are great for teaching kids the value of sharing. Besides, it is a decent solution in terms of a small apartment. SVÄRTA Bunk Bed is a good choice but its assembly is a tough stuff. The major problem is caused by the visual similarity of frame parts. It is a common scenario when a screw you chose for fixing a certain part was intended for another hole. So, be careful and attentive.


Another BRIMNES unit is a daybed frame with two drawers. Everything looks simple in the picture. Nevertheless, the assembly guide on the IKEA website consists of 32 pages! Seems like a top secret elaboration by Swedish constructors.


The last item on the list is a dresser with eight drawers. Be prepared to 40 steps more to assemble all parts and get a piece of furniture to store your belongings. Fortunately, you can handle it alone for three hours.

ikea hemnes dressers assembly in nyc


Things are not what they seem. IKEA products can also cause troubles and make you mess about with assembly for a plenty of time. Wouldn’t it be better to seek for a professional service?

With our hassle free service you not only get a quality assembly of your IKEA pieces but we will also shop and deliver them to you so you don’t even need to leave your cozy apartment which is about to become cozier with your new IKEA furniture.

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