Best Ways To Save Money At IKEA


When you are looking for that go-to store where you can get great deals on virtually everything, the one that quickly comes to mind is IKEA. At IKEA, shopping is like an adventure. You can buy virtually everything there, eat there, and even sleep there. Visiting IKEA is like taking a day trip. Yeah, it might take a full day just to browse and get to know more about their setup. Lots of people say that they are often lost in a wide IKEA collection of curtains and beds. But if you visit IKEA, you’ll have a pretty good time there. Realistically, the store is already famous for being relatively inexpensive, and many of us know just how great their minimalist pieces may complement any bedroom. You can actually save lots of money and buy more stuff. Reading this article, you’ll familiarize yourself with interesting and important tips, which will tell you how to but lots of items and save a decent sum of money.

IKEA Section of Discounted Items

If you want to buy IKEA furniture, but have limited financial possibilities, think about preassembled and discounted items. Some of them may be returned, while the others have an insignificant defect or damage. Visiting discounted rooms, you can easily find what you need, save your money as well as time for furniture assembly.


Eliminate the Temptation

The ability to control what you pick and drop into your cart takes a great deal of self-control, which is sometimes, hard to manage. Therefore, the best way to avoid the lure to buy on impulse is to eliminate the temptation.

Now, how can you do it?

It’s a good question. When you take a look at the website, you will see that you are capable of getting all the numbers and names of the important items you need. By the time you skip the trip through the display, you’ll be able to see the whole list of necessary items as well as to buy those which have brought you there. It will also help you to avoid purchasing of unnecessary and random items. So, just hit the store, go through the exit and move straight the warehouse without blinking. You’ll surprise how much money you’ll save.

Keep Track of Deals Through the Website

Another way to save money while shopping at IKEA is to check always out for deals, especially the specific ones. If you live in Montreal, then you are among the lucky ones, since IKEA has specific deals set out for Montreal shoppers online. Therefore, always remember to check out on offers like these, as well as the Wacky Wednesdays, Spring Bring Deals, and Deals of the Week. Just keep tabs on them, and always remember there is a lot more to gain from IKEA delivery and assembly NYC.


Join the IKEA Loyalty Program

You can get special VIP service when you join up with the IKEA Family. For a start, you will stand a chance of winning an IKEA gift card worth $100 every blessed month. Furthermore, you will also be entitled to the everyday member prices that are set out in the entire IKEA Family range of products on every monthly offer. In addition to this, you will also be able to have a far more time to return goods, including an extended 90 days return policy. What else can be better for something you practically join for free?

With a lot of money saved, you can have more funds to take care of your IKEA assembly services NYC.

Take the Vulture’s Role for the Big Sale Days

The vulture is a patient bird, and you need to act like it if you really want to save more money on shopping at IKEA. Big Sale days (like Black Friday), offer huge budget-friendly pricing on whatever household item you want. For instance, you can keep track of IKEA Kitchen Sale’s Day. All of the Big sale Days are specially designed for customers to save big bucks on a lot of items, with some offering from 20 to 50% discount. Now, you understand why you need to borrow some patience from the vulture.


Skip the Shipping Fees

Why do you need to shop online if you live close to IKEA? Sometimes, the shipping charges of IKEA can be costly, considering that the fees may vary, depending on the region you live in as well as the nature of what you are ordering. Before you place an order, the first thing you need to do is to think carefully about what you really need, as well as to make research what options are available to you.

If your order is large and it requires to be moved by truck, the shipping fee at startup would be $99. If the items don’t require truck delivery, you’ll pay approximately $10 for delivery. Notwithstanding, there is one good hack which you can use to take advantage of paying for the large item delivery. As soon as you pay the charged fee, you are free to make any large order of your choice without incurring extra delivery fees.

IKEA Moving Program

Are you moving to a new city? Has the city an IKEA store? Good news for you. Go over to the Big Move Breakdown Program and signup. You will get a $25 discount if you spend $250 worth of purchased items. That could come to your aid in paying for your IKEA furniture assembly services in NYC.


Don’t Pat For Lacking Parts

If you’ve purchased a new IKEA furniture, unpacked it and noticed that some details are missing – do not run to the store for purchasing new ones. Instead, call IKEA store and ask it to replace the missing part number (you may find it in the assembly instruction) for free.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to save a big sum of money on your IKEA shopping. Start planning it now to be ready for your next purchase. With all the tips mentioned above, you’ll be provided with the best way to save money at IKEA.

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