Best Things to Buy at IKEA 2018

You may have heard a lot about new Ikea catalog 2018. But still, there is a list of top 10 best things to buy at Ikea 2018. And we are going to share it with you!

№1. “OSTERNAS Leather HandLes & PuLLs”.

HandLes – $12.99 for 2items, PuLLs – $9.99 for 2items.

It is a glorious, stylish and such an excellent thing, which is a reasonably priced as well. It is made from the scraps of the other furniture productions. They used to the method to reduce wastes while decorating kitchens and other rooms. These gorgeous goods will make your kitchen fantastic. By the way, the price is ridiculous.

№2. “Lighting Tie: FADO & SOLBO TabLe LamPs”.

FADO (in Amber/Gray Smoked Glass) – $19.99, and SOLBO – $14.99.

These amazing and original FADO lamps in amber or grey smoked glass will look fantastic at your table. It will be the best décor for your room, or for the children’s room. These cool, smoked variations are the next wave, which will add a great West Coast by way of Brooklyn hippie vibe to your designs. So, if you want to better your decorations you need to buy this lamp. The price is rather low, so, you do not need much money to better your room.

№3. “STORHET ChaMpagne CouPe”.

Champagne Coupe – $1.99.

If you are fond of drinking from the real glasses at parties or holidays, you will not stand of buying this classic Champagne coupe. They are really gorgeous and are too cheap. They will look fantastic at your sideboard, and what is more, they can be used as a great décor for your cabinet. The price is so low that you can buy many items. By the way, it can be a great present for a birthday party, etc.


YPERLLIg Sleeper Sofa – $599 & SANDBACKEn Slipcovered Sofa.

Everyone needs to have a special place for the relaxation after the hard day or anything else. These cute and cozy sofas are special for you. When you take your sit on them, you will relax, and after that, you will feel much better. If you are looking for a new fantastic sofa for your cabinet or just for home, these are the best variants. They are made of special technique and are not expensive. So, if you want to have a comfort and gorgeous sofa these two variants are right for you!

№5. “MYRHEDEN FraMe”.

MYRHEDEN FraMe – $14.99.

This is smart, simple, and just designed to be super hackable. In other words, it is a part, which would suit any place in your home, where a little-organized display is needful. It is not just a simple metal grid that attached with hooks somewhere, it is an exceedingly DIY-friendly, pliable idea-starter of a detail. For example, it could be an inspiration board of recipes and coupons in your kitchen or a jewelry organizer in your bedroom, or a reminder board in your entryway, or a mini gallery of your favorite pictures in your hallway. It is a rather cool detail for your décor, and the price is too low!

№6. “SVALNas WalL SysteM”.

L0Ts of the newest components & combinations from $5 to $567.

It is recently created storage, display, and work center wall system. It is a new decision on the desired quality wall-hung systems, which are usually too expensive. It is elaborated by Ola Wihlborg. It was made from two components: bamboo and powder-covered steel. They are very powerful and fashionable. You can use them in various sets in your home or work place. So, it is time to switch on your fantasy!


Coat Rack – $49.99, Storage Bench – $59.99 and Shoe Rack – $16.99.

This one is compacted enough for the entryway of any size. It is a modernized kit of mixed and matched parts that will suit for any place. Simple white and newly designed, they are not going to take too much place and will let you accomplish your room with different adorning elements (mirrors, artworks, wall-hook, pillow or pads on the bench, gorgeous bag and umbrella, etc.). So, they will make your place as cozy as it is possible. By the way, the price is really low!

№8. “TILLAGD FlatWare (in Brass or Black)”.

20 piece set – $59.99.

These set are designed by Aaron Probyn and are rather stylish, but still, they are not for long usage. So, if you prefer to use cool elite flatware, this product is right for you! These gorgeous, elegant sets will surprise all your guests. Best flatware for the best price!

№9. “VEDBO ArmChair”.

Vedbo Armchair – $299.

It is a new stylish armchair, which is available in numerous back heights. The design is updated with mid-c looks, various rounded forms, and with the dark gray covering that will suit any room. Moreover, the price of this amazing armchair is rather low!

№10. “ODGER ChaiR”.

Odger Chair – $75.00

The last one in our list is a new chair, which is made of an innovative mixture of plastic and wood. It was elaborated with convenience and identity in mind, and it has an arched cup of a seat and seeable woodgrain. It is very comfortable and cozy. You are able to choose three colors: dark-blue, light-brown, and a creamy-white. The price is ridiculous!

So, as far as you can see, we provide you with the list of top 10 best things to buy at Ikea 2018. Now, just choose the goods and buy them!


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